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Capturing Miniature Worlds

February 3, 2024 8:57 pm



Capturing Miniature Worlds: A Spiritual and Artistic Journey

Embarking on a Spiritual Path Through Miniature Shrines

My journey in capturing miniature worlds began with a profound spiritual connection. In my childhood, my Aunt Julie, an avid Catholic, had several little religious shrines that mesmerized me. These shrines, with their tiny doors, introduced me to Mary and Jesus and played a pivotal role in my spiritual development.

Rekindling Childhood Magic with ‘Enshrined’

Undoubtedly, creating “Enshrined” was a way to reconnect with these early experiences. This piece allowed me to experience Jesus with a childlike posture, recapturing the wonder found in Aunt Julie’s little shrines. Consequently, each revisit to “Enshrined” feels more magical, opening and closing the little doors, re-living those moments of discovery.

A Lifelong Fascination: From Childhood Dreams to Artistic Reality

Moreover, the theme of capturing miniature worlds has been a constant in my life. Today, I continue this childhood practice by creating intricate worlds within wooden boxes. Recently, a photograph my sister shared, depicting me at nine or ten crafting a tiny room, reaffirmed this passion.

The Evolution of Miniature Worlds in My Art

Unquestionably, transitioning from childhood play to adult artistry, my fascination with miniature, liminal spaces has evolved. This progression is evident in how I now incorporate lighting into my creations, something I once dreamed of as a child.

Influences and the Dollhouse Tradition

Additionally, outings to the dollhouse show with my mom played a significant role in nurturing this interest. The incredible dollhouse my mom made for me inside an old chifforobe dresser was a testament to her understanding of my love for miniature worlds.

‘Enshrined’: A Culmination of Childhood Inspirations

Therefore, my art making process, especially the creation of “Enshrined,” is deeply connected to these early influences. Thus, this assemblage sculpture is a creative expression of refashioning tiny, liminal spaces, a practice rooted in my childhood experiences.

Connecting Past and Present in Artistic Expression

Consequently, my artistic journey is an exploration of fantastical realms, inspired by both past and present experiences. The process of recreating the magical spaces from my childhood chifforobe dresser represents a significant milestone in my creative journey.

Invitation for Reflection: Linking Childhood to Creative Growth

In conclusion, I invite you to reflect on your own artistic inspirations. How have your childhood experiences shaped your current creative endeavors? Do you find that revisiting the past enhances your ability to capture transformative moments in your art?


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This is a 3D wall hanging sculpture of a miniature world built inside a tiny wall cabinet. It has a variety of religious items inside it as well as dollhouse miniatures. It is lit by LED lights for capturing miniature worlds and creating a sense of liminal magic.