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The Art of Miniature Spaces

November 15, 2023 1:08 am

The art of miniature spaces is a chance to capture the energy and spirit of the liminal. The art of creating and recreating small spaces holds a unique charm, bringing back the nostalgia of childhood play and imagination. For me, this creative journey began with a small box, a simple yet potent canvas for my artistic expression. It reminds me of the dollhouse my mother crafted for me when I was a child — a world where I had the freedom to design and bring to life various interiors. Now, decades later, I find myself drawn back to this familiar form of artistry, creating little spaces and places within the confines of a tiny box. Each project I undertake is a nod to those early days of wonder, yet with every new creation, I bring a slightly different perspective, influenced by years of experiences and growth.

My passion for the art of miniature spaces is fueled by an enthusiasm for designing and is deeply rooted in my childhood, particularly with my all-time favorite toy, my dollhouse. It was more than a plaything; it was a canvas where my imagination could run wild. I remember shaping tiny Sculpey food for the kitchen, hand-painting the furniture with meticulous detail, and covering the walls with avant-garde wallpapers that reflected my budding aesthetic sense. The pièce de résistance was the diminutive Christmas tree, adorned with handcrafted ornaments, each telling a story of miniature grandeur. Today, as I engage in this art form again, the essence remains the same, yet the expressions of these tiny worlds have evolved, mirroring the journey I’ve traversed since those childhood days.

This exploration of the art of miniature spaces is a return to creating little spaces and places and it is more than a mere hobby; it’s a reconnection with a part of myself that I’ve always cherished. With each miniature scene I create, I am transported back to those hours spent in joyful creation during my youth, but now with the added layer of my life’s experiences. It’s fascinating to see how my childhood hobbies and passions have shaped my artistic inclinations as an adult. Each new miniature space I create is not only a tribute to the past but also a celebration of how creativity can evolve and stay with us throughout our lives, constantly reminding us of the pure joy and wonder of creating something from nothing.

This is a photo of a 3D assemblage made inside a small drawer. It includes a vintage timer, monoprints, and drawings of fancy fish.