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Time for Old Me and New Me

September 28, 2022 11:59 pm

I need to find time for Old Me and New Me. This is a journey of discovery. Both the old me and the new me are necessary. I change. We change. It’s all a natural part of the process as we grow and mature. I try to be gentle with “Old Me.” She wasn’t bad. In fact, she was often pretty beautiful in many ways. I’m just not her anymore. I love her, but I don’t believe the same things that she does. Time has passed, and I became different.

I made a sculpture about finding time for Old Me and New Me. It began with a small wooden box. It became a voice for who I was and who I now am. There is a bud inside the box, and it represents the unfurling of new thoughts, beliefs, and convictions lying within me and on the precipice of being released. There is also a burgeoning flower in the box, and it represents the unfolding of my mind. This unfolding is a flourishing of what was once buried. “Old Me” and “New Me.”

I want to age gracefully. I don’t want to resent “Old Me.” I also don’t want to resent others for being the version of themselves that they are. We are all growing and changing. We are all reaching to become better versions of ourselves. Grow gracefully with me. Give grace to others when we feel they need to change. Give them time to become new.

If you made a sculpture to capture who you were yesterday, what would it look like? How would you let that sculpture reflect the new you? How can you capture the possibilities for tomorrow in three dimensions? Liminal space art is made in the tensions between yesterday and tomorrow. It is made, simultaneously, from the present moment. There is magic in engaging in a creative process that gives your past, present, and future a voice. Join me. Make your version of “Old Me, New Me,” and wonder in the ways we can all grow and change more gracefully.

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This is a sculpture titled “Old Me, New Me.” It is made from a small wooden box. There is a bud inside the box and there is also a burgeoning flower in the box. It is about how my beliefs have changed and my desire to find space for both Old Me and New Me.