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Swimming and Flying Through Time

October 7, 2021 7:03 pm

These two images make me think hard about time and its limitations. The fish keep on swimming about no matter how the hands on the clock tick. They do nothing other than what they were made to do. The butterfly is a creature of beauty that gets to soar about without any concern for any moment in time. She just carries out her mission of being a butterfly. I want to be more like the fish and the butterflies. I know God uses these creatures to teach us a lesson about time, and I don’t want to listen much of the time. I have so many enthusiasms and aspirations. I feel like time is holding me back from enjoying them. Some days it’s a constant race to get to the next thing. I see some glimmers of hope, though. Every once in a while, I spend a day just being in the present moment and I do it well. In the middle of it all, you really only have what’s right there in front of you. You can think about yesterday and sprint towards tomorrow, but the “right now” is most important: liminality’s lesson for all of us. Today, I will do my best to learn this lesson. Join me in swimming like a fish and soaring like a butterfly. We can be who we were made to be. We can swim and soar. We don’t have to be concerned with yesterday, today, or tomorrow. We can just be. We can also share how it goes with others. We can do it here at this blog or elsewhere. It doesn’t matter where or when we share. It only matters that we don’t let time hold us back from what “right now” holds and that we help others join us in seeing that this is true.

This is a painting of many fish swimming in a colorful, fanciful ocean. There is also a photo of a woman with butterfly wings.