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Smart Art Storage in Your Creative Space

July 26, 2021 8:04 pm

As a liminal artist, I am energized by seeing my past work and how it is reflected in my present creations. I’ve made a lot of art over the years, and it was once stacked in piles in my basement. Today, that work is still in my basement, but my husband designed these efficient, inexpensive, easy to make racks that make my paintings easily visible, safely stored, and tucked away. Now, I can look back at my work and think forward on my next creation. All of this can be done while sitting in the present moment. For the liminal artist, this perspective is invaluable.

My art organization racks are made from dowels and ¼ inch plywood. The plywood is cut into triangular shapes and holes are drilled to fit the dowels snugly. Two dowels are placed to hold the base of each painting and an additional dowel stops the artwork from falling and slipping. The photos, below, provide an illustration of how this storage solution works.

Archiving my work and reflecting on it is part of my creative process. If I make a painting that is about my present place in time and space, I also want to consider the ways this new work describes the liminal spaces I previously created. Looking at my work over time helps me understand time’s influence on my art. This blog is a challenge to find ways to organize and reflect on you work. Perhaps you don’t like my solution, or it doesn’t work for you. That’s highly likely. Look for a solution that fits your needs and allows for reflection and pondering. This will enhance your creative experience and allow you to consider your art making process from your current place in time and space. This is invaluable for the liminal artist.

This is a photo of an art storage solution for paintings on canvas.