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"With dawn of the new year on the horizon, I resolved to exert my will on the world." -Holly Black

This is a colorful, abstract painting about joy.

Coming and Going Right Now

Be a time traveler with me. With the sweep of a brush and a stroke of color, time can be explored, understood, and momentarily nailed down for examination. While others might hurry forward to “What’s Next,” rush from the past, and fight the present moment, art makers like us can travel more peacefully. Try “Coming and Going Right Now” with ease others might not enjoy. It’s all possible through our creative process. Read this blog, and then join me in making art on a journey from yesterday, into today, and through tomorrow.

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Capturing Old Places and Spaces

It’s about two weeks till closing. My parent’s house is ready to go. I have pictures and videos of every nook and cranny. Now, I paint it all. At first, I was beside myself about the house becoming someone else’s. I felt like I was losing and old friend forever. Recently, I’ve thought, “I have a way to keep this old friend with me.” I can be between “What Was” and “What’s Next” through my paintings.

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I Paint. What Can You Do?

I challenge you to find a creative way to notice your sands shifting on your shoreline. How can you make sense of time’s passing? What tangible, meaningful act can moor you as the waves of time ebb and flow? I paint. What can you do?

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Create Your Way to a Better Place

What can you do with your “Right Now?” Is there a way you can create your way to a better place? You don’t have to be stuck with that feeling of apprehension that others are carrying with them right now. Creating can be your escape. Do something that gets you thinking about what you can do. You can create a new “Right Now” with the choice to create something new.

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