Liminal Space Art Blog

"With dawn of the new year on the horizon, I resolved to exert my will on the world." -Holly Black

Going Back Whenever I Choose

Consider the power of art to transcend time and space. By engaging in the creative process, you can go just about anywhere. Think about what you can capture with imagery, memory, and an expressive tool. What can you photograph that speaks better than your words? What can you create that captures a moment you don’t want to forget? You can discover new ways to define your experiences of any time and any place. This blog will explore art’s power to speak within your liminal places and spaces.

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Upside Down or Right Side Up?

It’s true that tomorrow may not be a better day. I grieve the losses of yesterday, and I fear for the future. Art making is a gift in these times of waiting. It brings me pleasure, hope, and a way to make sense of things. Against all odds, I find joy with a stroke of my paintbrush. This is how I get my “Upside Downs” to be “Right Side Ups.” This blog will share how I survive waiting in the liminal middle that is full of the realities of the present moment. It is my hope that it will help you embrace “Right Now” and see today “Right Side Up.”

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Find Time to Be Happy

These are strange times. We are frustrated that we can’t spend our time as we’d like. COVID leaves us feeling like time is not on our side. Everyone is ready to make up for lost time when the pandemic is over. How can we find any time to be happy? This blog will offer a few suggestions to make the best of your “right now.”

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Simple, Creative Pleasures in Uncertain Times

COVID has left us all anxious as we wait for a better tomorrow. We are missing out on creating memories with friends and loved ones. At the same time, we face an uncertain future. This all happens from the present moment that we sit in. How can you create your way through this liminal experience? How can you use creative process to embrace the present moment and the unknows of your future? How we wait in a liminal space determines our experience of the present moment. We can wait in impatience and anxiety for “What’s Next,” or we can find ways to make our “Right Now” a place of peace and hope. Creative process can offer us this path to a better tomorrow. Read this blog and you just might be inspired to start your creative journey to deeper meaning, peace, and hope.

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Everything Happens in the “In-Between”

This blog is all about encouraging you and me to carve, for ourselves, a safe place: a place that allows us to experience the simple pleasures of the present moment. It’s true. We must wait. We also must deal with the anxieties of yesterday and tomorrow. However, “Right Now” can be mine and yours if we take time to explore through creative process. What do you make, or what will you make? Read this blog as an encouragement to seek a creative expression that can transform your present moment. Let it make you consider that everything happens in the “In-Between.”

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This is a colorful, abstract painting about joy.

Coming and Going Right Now

Be a time traveler with me. With the sweep of a brush and a stroke of color, time can be explored, understood, and momentarily nailed down for examination. While others might hurry forward to “What’s Next,” rush from the past, and fight the present moment, art makers like us can travel more peacefully. Try “Coming and Going Right Now” with ease others might not enjoy. It’s all possible through our creative process. Read this blog, and then join me in making art on a journey from yesterday, into today, and through tomorrow.

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Capturing Old Places and Spaces

It’s about two weeks till closing. My parent’s house is ready to go. I have pictures and videos of every nook and cranny. Now, I paint it all. At first, I was beside myself about the house becoming someone else’s. I felt like I was losing and old friend forever. Recently, I’ve thought, “I have a way to keep this old friend with me.” I can be between “What Was” and “What’s Next” through my paintings.

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I Paint. What Can You Do?

I challenge you to find a creative way to notice your sands shifting on your shoreline. How can you make sense of time’s passing? What tangible, meaningful act can moor you as the waves of time ebb and flow? I paint. What can you do?

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Create Your Way to a Better Place

What can you do with your “Right Now?” Is there a way you can create your way to a better place? You don’t have to be stuck with that feeling of apprehension that others are carrying with them right now. Creating can be your escape. Do something that gets you thinking about what you can do. You can create a new “Right Now” with the choice to create something new.

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