Recent Gallery Exhibitions

Sharing my paintings is as satisfying as creating them. It is so exciting to share my process with others. It is also an honor to encourage others to embrace their own process over their product. Don’t look at what I’ve made. Look at why I made it. What did I notice, think about or meditate on? What was I mindful of? What does art and creating make you think about? How does it help you understand yesterday, the present moment, and what might happen tomorrow? These are the questions I hope you will ponder as you visit my exhibits. May it all help you embrace your “Right Now” and accept that tomorrow can’t be fully understood today. May you find peace in this understanding.

d'Art Center National Juried Exhibition

I want people to see a universe inside this painting: a universe where everyone is called to display their uniqueness and diversity. I want you to see a world where a person’s honest attempt at authenticity is held high: a place for everyone everywhere. Look. See what I see.

Title: Everyone

Norfolk, VA, National Finalist

Theme: Mental Health Awareness

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39th Annual Michigan Fine Arts Competition

As we all wait for what’s next, the present moment is causing us all anxiety and grief. We can’t even trust in simple necessities as we once did. Despite today's realities, I have a canvas that speaks something unexpected and surprising. I have one place where hope can say, “Hello."

Title: Hello, Hope

39th Annual Michigan Fine Arts Competition: Finalist, 2020

(Birmingham Bloomfield Arts Center, Birmingham, MI)

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Small Works National Juried Exhibition

323 Buena Vista, NY is about a door and the people who have entered it. Painting it helps me in my process of accepting—accepting that I won’t be able to use this door for very much longer. I paint to continue turning the knob of this door, and the knobs of the doors beyond this door, so I can see what was once on the other side. I am stuck here, so I paint it over and over and over again, so I can find my way back.

Title: 323 Buena Vista, NY, 2019

Portals- Small Works National Juried Exhibition: National Finalist, 2020 
(Alex Ferrone Gallery, Cutchogue, NY)